Why should anybody use C4&I?

21st century people apparently have an urge to find truth, meaning, depth and wisdom in their life. A daily mechanical grind plus unhealthy doses of consumption and distraction do not seem to provide the fulfillment we want and deserve.

Many of us have an inkling that those crucial elements of our life point to our real purpose yet we don’t want to go to India and find a Guru who teaches the secrets. In the Western World many books have been written about Inner Growth. Some point in the right direction but is it enough to read books? Why do we still feel uneasy and restless? What is missing?

Some people have to find out the hard way what really helps them: they try to find a shortcut to enlightenment and wisdom. Over the years they tried many shortcuts. Nothing really worked. Now when they look in the mirror they see the answer to their exhaustion right in front of them. They have to commit to practice. Individual practice that is, which at times may be shared with others.

But what should I practice?

This is where C4&I comes in. It offers practices in different sections (creativity, consciousness, cultivation, community) that have to be cultivated simultaneously. This is not so much a challenge as it may seem. Yet the fifth section - interconnectedness - cannot be experienced without simultaneity since it connects the other four fields.

The creators of C4&I believe in the capacity and responsibility of the individual to explore their personal talents and capacities and find their own access to wisdom and truth. We provide a platform to support the user but it is clear that success comes only with individual practice.

The quality of every society depends on its individual members. Human evolution needs self-determined individuals.

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