What is the shortest line between Sydney and Hamburg?

Why should two guys share reports about the weather in Sydney and Hamburg, respectively?

Even worse if they would make complaining about their health their central focus of exchange!

No talks about family either since most family members of one of them already died.

What about the latest relationship chit-chat? Boring.

How about soccer? Leave it.

Could they initiate a joint project? Oh yes!

What about sharing their synergetic talents and capacities? YesYes!

And so the story went...

Mycle and Gonzalo both lived in Barcelona once, and that is where they met. They shared a love for music and an investigative mind. Mycle needed a website and Gonzalo did it. They also shared many conversations about exploring Human Potential, their own and in general.

Then Mycle left for Germany and Gonzalo went to live in Australia. They sent each other emails sharing ideas. One of them Mycle had worked on for quite a while. Gonzalo got interested, then inspired. At one point they decided to join forces. The name of the project: C4&I.

That is how it began and here we are now...

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