Explore your resources,
Connect to your environment,
Give your best!

MyC4&I slideshow

Check out how MyC4&I works with our new slideshow!

  • (1/21) C4&I is a program to explore your resources, connect to your environment and give your best.
  • (2/21) Welcome and get ready for your first round of cultivating practice!
  • (3/21) Before you start you have the option to do self-assessments as a later reference (long or basic) or skip them alltogether.
  • (4/21) You now come to the relevant section, in this case 'creativity' and...
  • (5/21) ... fill in whatever response comes to your mind, intuitively or after consideration.
  • (6/21) When you finish the self assessment you then choose your practice (here you would have arrived immediately if you had skipped the assessments).
  • (7/21) In each C4&I section you can choose among 10 practices.
  • (8/21) If you want information about any practice you just click the drop down button.
  • (9/21) You choose one practice only for each section.
  • (10/21) You repeat this process (assessment + chosing practice) for the 5 C4&I section, and after that you are led to...
  • (11/21) ... a page where you set your time commitment and...
  • (12/21) ... and your favourite weekdays for practicing. Continue to...
  • (13/21) ... your Personal Assistant, showing your practice days and status.
  • (14/21) If you click on any symbol for a particular day you are shown and reminded of the practice content...
  • (15/21) ... which you mark as done once you are ready. The Personal Assistant shows the check-off. Click on the symbol on the bottom right...
  • (16/21) ... if you want to jot down any personal notes or insights. Those personal notes can be seen and reviewed by you only.
  • (17/21) If you did use that option the 'notes' symbol lights up.
  • (18/21) After you have finished and checked off all your practices...
  • (19/21) ... you have finished your first round of C4&I, congratulations! You may review...
  • (20/21) ... your assessments as a reference and when you're ready...
  • (21/21) ... continue for another round! Thank you for using C4&I!

Humans are highly ambiguous Beings. We can use our many talents to live a meaningful life or be dominated by (self-)destructive behaviour. Raising consciousness levels is one of our astonishing feats. A higher level of awareness can help you to have more choices, be able to discern more easily, make better decisions and generally have a more fulfilled life.

C4&I is a tool that helps you to evolve and engage. By discovering, cultivating and communicating you experience the interconnectedness of our world.

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